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Mobile UI upcoming release

Our mobile flutter UI is just awesome. Just sayin'

The next version will be 2.6.0.

It will fix some smaller bugs and will provide you with a killer feature. It will be possible to use multiple application configurations. Simply switch your JVx based applications.

The application overview will look like this:

Application overview

Application overview

What else?

We have support for haptic feedback and slider button. We improved screen loading and will show a skeleton with loading animation. We have support for flat/text buttons an image viewer and full-screen multiline text editor. The image viewer is automatically available for all your image editors. Simply tap on an image. If you have small multiline editors in your screen, simply double tap to get a full-screen editor.

You want more?

We have edit support for simple tables (single cells or the whole record), we have sort on header and also table reload support. The application API was updated and is now much easier to use. Our example application demonstrates many use-cases but a full API documentation is not available at the moment. This is on our todo-list!

The flutter client for JVx applications is Apache 2.0 licensed and the source code is available here.

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