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JVx - Android - iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod)

JVx is written in Java and you can create Desktop Applications (Swing or QTJambi), Rich Internet Applications (Applet or Webstart or Ajax/HTML) and Mobile Android Applications. You develop an Application once and start it with different technologies - Single Sourcing!

But what about the iPhone?

Native iPhone apps are written in Obective-C, C or other supported programming languages. Java is not supported - at the moment.
We are currently developing iOS AddOns that makes it possible to create native iOS apps which uses JVx business logic. The AddOns includes object serialization, connection handling and simple model implementations.

Develop your JVx Business Application, use the same source code for your Desktop and/or Web Application and use the same business logic for your Mobile Device(s).

One framework for different plattforms and different technologies.

And everything is Open Source!

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