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JVx 1.0

We proudly present JVx 1.0!

What a year... The first release of VisionX is out, and we finished our work on JVx 1.0.
This release is awesome. It contains a total of 230 changes to 0.9.

We implemented really cool productivity features, some fancy UI features and we fixed some bugs. But the complete list is really long :)

Our original Roadmap for 1.0 had fewer Features, but thanks to the community, JVx 1.0 now contains a lot of wonderful things.

In the following weeks we plan to write more documentation especially about the new features and update our showcase and demo apps. It is not possible to write about everything in this posting - and it is also Christmas. One of the next postings will be some statistics about the JVx source code - LoC, quality, ...

We think it is also time for more WebUI... maybe another implementation... let's see. And of course, mobile devices are still very interesting. We started first attempts with Android some months ago. We made some POCs with Pivot and JavaFx 2.0 and who knows what the next year brings.

And we have still a lot of new ideas to speed-up the development time. Without JVx 1.0 you develop as fast as possible - but with JVx 1.0 you develop with the speed of light.

Now, a very short look at JVx 1.0

  • Database
    • Support for PostgreSql and MySql enum datatypes (automatic link cell editors)
    • High performance metadata cache
    • Block fetching
    • Scriptable db import scripts
  • Server
    • REST support for all objects and actions
    • DetachedSession and DirectServerSession introduced
    • DirectObjectConnection introduced
    • Transparent config encryption
    • LCO based security checks
    • Reduced communication requests
    • Better support for custom storages
    • Support for custom session manager and object provider

  • User Interface
    • Intuitive link cell editors
    • New cell formatting with image and insets
    • JNLP services integrated
    • Focus rect handling
    • En/Disable translation per component
    • New Locale handling

You find the complete list in the Changelog.

And last but not least, we look forward to your feedback!

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