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JVx 1.0 - Statistics

JVx 1.0 is out and we have some Source Code statistics for you!

Our last statistics were determined for JVx 0.8. It is cool to compare 0.8 with 1.0. We have again worked very efficiently because 1.0 contains approximately 420 Features and Changes compared to 0.8. The Source Code grew by 18.767 lines, since 0.8. That means, we need 44 Code lines for one feature ;-)

Here are the numbers:

JVx library   Swing UI
LoC   Type
53.644   Code
47.837   Comments (~ 89% of Code)
14.570   Empty lines
116.047   Total
LoC   Type
29.595   Code
16.665   Comments (~ 57% of Code)
6.611   Empty lines
52.871   Total
JVx library (Test cases)  
LoC   Type
14.215   Code
7.735   Comments (~ 53% of Code)
5.102   Empty lines
27.052   Total

Hm... we thought that we reach 100.000 LoC with JVx 1.0, but we "only" have 97.454. Compared to the features of JVx, we have still too few lines of code. Maybe we should use a code generator or Object Mapper or simply integrate a bunch of new features?

Some additional numbers:

Files and Tests
JVx library source files   454
Swing UI source files   122
Test source files   95
Total   671
Absolutely fine! Very easy to maintain.
Unit tests (without UI)   657
Class coverage (without UI)   83%
Method coverage (without UI)   66%

The test result is not perfect but we are happy with it. We should nevertheless pay more attention to the test coverage... and we still need a solution for automatic UI tests.

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