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JVx 0.8 - Source Infos

Well, after the version 0.8 of JVx was released, it's time for some LoC statistics.

Particularly the clarity and comprehensibility of the Source Code are very important to us. Therefore we are very proud also of the following lines of code.

JVx library   Swing UI
LoC   Type
40.282   Code
39.855   Comments (~ 99% of Code)
11.258   Empty lines
91.395   Total
LoC   Type
27.034   Code
15.496   Comments (~ 57% of Code)
6.023   Empty lines
48.553   Total
Web UI   Qt Jambi UI
LoC   Type
12.461   Code
9.791   Comments (~ 79% of Code)
3.420   Empty lines
25.672   Total
LoC   Type
15.386   Code
10.544   Comments (~ 68% of Code)
3.819   Empty lines
29.749   Total
JVx library (Test cases)  
LoC   Type
11.462   Code
6.088   Comments (~ 53% of Code)
4.084   Empty lines
21.634   Total

Compared to the features, we have too few lines of code :)
But exactly that makes the difference!

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