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VisionX 1.1 - What's new?

The first update-release of VisionX is out. But it is more than an update - it's a tool for the gods.

VisionX 1.1 contains about 90 Tickets, a brand new JVx release and the best UI designer ever, for End-Users and/or Software developers.

Other companies talk about Software Development in the cloud or really cool Rapid Application Development tools. Everything sounds very technical and is only for specialists. But where is the innovation?
It makes no difference where we develop software (local or remote) - it is still software development. If you are a developer... no problem. If you are interested but have no technical education... damn.

Are development tools as easy as modern Office suites? No way.

Wouldn't it be great to create handmade software without software development knowledge?
Don't think how. Think what. If you have an idea for an application, simply create it with VisionX.


New in VisionX 1.1

  • 1-2-3 Reports

    Create a report in 3 steps. First - create a template, Second - Use your preferred Office solution (MS-Office, LibreOffice, ...) to customize the template, Third - Open the report in your application

    It is so easy to create a report and it is even easier to see your records in the report. VisionX fills your reports with filtered records, sorted or not, all available records or with master/detail related records.

    The current release handles filtered and sorted records automatically. A very important feature compared to 1.0.

    What You See Is What You Get.

  • Applications everywhere

    Install your application in your private network, a public cloud or use it only on your desktop. Use commercial or open source database products. Switch between databases or use all of them together. You can decide for yourself. Sounds too complicated?
    You are right, and many software developers have the same thoughts!
    With VisionX, your application is installed with 3 mouse clicks and we do the tricky stuff for you!

    Now you can decide what you want to install: only Application, only Database or both together.

  • Multi-User Spreadsheets

    Give VisionX your Spreadsheet and you get a Multi-User Online Application with access control for your records. Decide, who can see what.

    Now we have better support for different timestamp formats and a very intelligent delimiter detection. Don't waste time with the configuration, it just works.

  • Standardized Specifications

    VisionX creates specifications, that describes your application. It contains Screenshots of your current screens, describes all visible fields and gives you an overview of used actions.

    In the new release, we give you more details about fields, e.g. the possible values of choice boxes, the precision and scale of numbers, the field type (text, number, date, time, ...).

  • Legacy databases

    If you have old database applications and you need a modern frontend, use VisionX to create it. Simply connect to the database and create management screens with some mouse clicks. If you are not happy with the standard layout - change it until it fits your need.

  • Manage your datasources

    The new release comes with management screens for your existing datasources. Now it is very simple to change your administrative datasources or create new user-defined datasources.

  • Design-Runtime

    If an exception occurs in your application, switch to design mode with only one click. VisionX now saves even more time.

  • Copy screens, Copy elements

    If you need a screen copy - Create it per Drag and Drop. The keyword is <CTRL>. Press <CTRL> while you drag an element and you automatically create a copy when you drop it. Have you ever seen a visual designer that supports this?

Start today with your handmade applications. You just need an idea!