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Popularity of Single Sourcing solutions

Single Sourcing - what?

The Problem:
You develop an application for a customer that should run on Desktop, Notebook, Netbook, Smartphone and Tablet. You have to support different platforms, different screen sizes (resolutions), different network speeds.

The solution:
You need a technology that allows you to develop the application once and execute it on any device without changes to the application / source code.

Actual state
You develop the application multiple times, optimized for the target device. Of course you use the same business logic/middle-tier. Or you develop a web application (ajax, html) and distribute it without app stores, but have not the same usability as native apps.

There are many projects that offer multi-device support, e.g. PhoneGap, Appcelerator, Eclipse RAP, Adobe Flex

But did you know that JVx has Single Sourcing since 2008 - the time as single sourcing was not so popular.
The difference between JVx and all other technologies is, that JVx is a full-stack application framework. It has all components that are needed to develop data-driven applications. It is not just a development platform as all others.

If you are software developer and create database applications that should run as RIA or as html/ajax application - JVx is your friend. If you are not a software developer - VisionX is the right tool for you!

No other tool is faster for database-application development!

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