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Swing RETRO application - MP3Tool - update

In the Swing RETRO application article, I wrote about my personal MP3Tool. When the tool was developed, the ID3v2 Tag was not very important and the cover image was not relevant. Now, every modern mp3 file has a cover or front or band image. The problem is that the "original" MP3Tool does not support images.

Because it is important for me, to change files with covers too, I decided to implement a simple image support. And during my research I found other features that are often used: Lyrics Tag and APE Tag. I have never heard about them. So I decided to implement at least delete support, for those Tags.

After some hours, the implementation was done. I was positive surprised about the source code quality, because the code is really old. It was amazing good.

The update version is available here and the version is now 2.2.

Cover images

The tool is not a SIB Visions Tool.

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