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W-JAX 2013 - JVx on stage

We'll be live on stage at W-JAX '13 in Munich.
Our session is scheduled for Tuesday, 5th November - 10:15 to 11:30.

We'll talk about UI independent application development in practice

Are there enough web and UI frameworks for us developers? Absolutely! There are really cool web UI frameworks like GXT or Vaadin. There are swing and JavaFX for desktop apps and many others. Don’t forget all web frameworks! Which UI framework is the best for your next project and works with browsers and OS‘ in 5 or 10 years? Which investment is future save? The only solution is a technology and UI independent framework. Such a solution is JVx (Apache 2.0). It is a full-stack app framework, designed as library. Develop UI independent and decide which UI technology is best for you. If you prefer Swing, start your app as Swing Application. If it’s Vaadin, use Vaadin. Don’t rewrite your application, just choose the preferred UI technology!

Come and talk with us

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