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JVx First Application is available

Our JVx First Application is now available on SourceForge. In the past, we only had zip archives that contained our first application. Now it should be easier for you to start with JVx if you don't use our maven archetype.

The project site is:

The repository contains an Eclipse project that is ready-to use. The application itself is a database application. Please start the database before you start the application. The database is available and stored in db folder. Simply execute db/startHSqlDB.bat if you use Windows or start it manually on other OS'.

Our First Application is a very simple JVx application and demonstrates first steps without complex use-cases. It simple demonstrates user authentication via XML security manager and CRUD operations with a database table. But the project also contains a JUnit Test that shows how you could test your business logic.

A more complex application will be available in the next days. It's our Demo ERP. This application will demonstrate Swing UI, Vaadin UI, Online Help and more. It's a "real world" showcase that shows the full power of JVx.

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