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Switch button for Vaadin 7.1

There's a nice AddOn in the Vaadin Directory. It's a switch button/checkbox. There's an older version for vaadin 6.6+ and the current version for 7.2+.

But the 7.2+ version is not compatible with vaadin 7.1+. We checked the source code and made a version for 7.1.

If you need a 7.1 compatible switch AddOn, simply use this archive. It's a zip archive which contains the pre-compiled class files and changed source files. Simply use the zip (or rename it to jar) to rebuild your widgetset.

Don't use the 7.1 version for 7.2 because the API is different and it won't work. Simply use the original version for 7.2 and newer.

Page Navigation

Plain JVx Vaadin applications don't have page navigation as known from e.g. JSF applications. If you press "back" in your browser, the whole application is lost and "forward" will create a new application. Same problem with "reload".

It has nothing to to with JVx because it's a technology restriction. Isn't it?
Not necessarily!

You should know that vaadin has support for Browser Navigation, but this feature has no standard implementation because every application is different and has different requirements. If you create your own Vaadin application, you'll have to implement your own Navigation. It's not tricky but you should know how it works. A good starting point can be found in the book of vaadin. The main thing is that you should create your application with different views. A view is more or less a page. The navigator supports navigation between views. If you have different views, it's easy to use the Navigator.

But our generic application is a little bit different to plain Vaadin applications because JVx has work-screens. A work-screen is like a View or a page, but technology independent. A work-screen can be used for desktop applications and web applications without code changes. A desktop application usually doesn't offer Navigation as known from web browsers. So it's a good idea to have work-screens because it's independent of the used GUI technology and platform features.

If you use a JVx application as web application with Vaadin UI, you'll miss page navigation - for sure. We made some experiments with vaadin' page Navigation and are happy to present an awesome solution for this problem.

We did a generic implementation in our application frame and now it's possible to navigate between work-screens - out-of-the-box. It's implemented once in our application frame. Simply use it and page navigation works!

Here's a short demonstration:

Browser Navigation