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VisionX 2.2 with OpenShift support

Our next VisionX release will support OpenShift. We wrote about OpenShift and our application test some weeks ago. It was so impressive that we did an integration in VisionX.
VisionX got additional menus and options for OpenShift and it handles complete communication. It's really end-user friendly. Usually, only developers can use OpenShift and create applications for the platform.

OpenShift platform was our preferred platform for VisionX because it has a complete REST API and a simple Java library. Many other platforms don't offer the same quality or are too complex for an integration. OpenShift itself has a simple frontend but it wasn't designed for end-users.

Why does an end-user need OpenShift?

To realize ideas.

Why should an end-user do that?

Why does and end-user need a website? ... to present itself or products.

Many end-users create Excel sheets or use app builders to realize ideas. The problem is often the deployment because and end-user can't deal with databases, application servers or PaaS providers. The same applies to startups.

VisionX is end-user friendly and enables innovation.

What we have in VisionX?

VisionX supports configuration of your OpenShift account. The only thing you need is an already activated OpenShift account. Simply register on OpenShift and that's it. The rest will be handled by VisionX. Don't create SSH keys or open tunnels to access your remote database or application server. VisionX will do all this tricky things for you.

We have a short Video for you. It demonstrates the OpenShift integration of VisionX. The first part shows configuration of a fresh OpenShift account. In the second part, we create a simple (unstyled) application and the last part is the deployment.

The whole video lasts 4:30 minutes. Have you ever created a full database application with menu, toolbar, user authentication, an input form and deployed in around 5 minutes?

Multi-IDE support for VisionX

(To be honest: Deployment wasn't as fast as shown in the video, because upload time can't be improved)

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