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JVx Oracle Forms integration got better

We have a solution for Oracle Forms developers which allows integration of JVx applications and screens directly in your Oracle Forms screen/window. It's an awesome feature and works like a charm but had some limitations with repaints.

Let's have a look

Redraw problem (menu)

Redraw problem (menu)

Redraw problem (window)

Redraw problem (window)

We fixed the problem with our current version

No redraw issues (menu)

No redraw issues (menu)

No redraw issues (window)

No redraw issues (window)

It's was very tricky to solve the problem and it's well known. Our solution will work with other Swing based components as well.

4 Responses to “JVx Oracle Forms integration got better”

  1. hammam says:

    hi sir , can you write step by step tutorial or videos about jvx integration with oracle forms ( for jtable , trees , interaction with form blocks )
    , or if online training avaliable.


  2. rjahn says:

    Our Forms integration is a commercial Java library. We offer free webinars if you're interested.

    The integration starts with a VBean and the rest is done via custom properties. Our library adds missing features like mouse entered/exited for DnD and much more.
    A video from a real world Forms application is available: MES software

  3. hammam says:

    thanks for reply , i'm interested i will buy library , please send me quota .

  4. rjahn says:

    Please use our contact form for your inquiry.

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