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Smooth Forms 6i to Java Migration

Following video demonstrates our Java integration for Forms 6i. In Forms 6i you can't embedd a Java application without complex ActiveX controls. So we chose an alternative for a smooth integration. It's more like an IPC between Forms and Java but with some additional features like automatic window switching.

Our solution is super flexible and it's possible to send custom events from Forms to Java and from Java to Forms. Here's an impression:

Smooth Forms6i Java Migration

Both applications use the same database. The Forms application is like any other Forms application and the Java Application was created with VisionX based on the Open Source Java Application Framework JVx.

2 Responses to “Smooth Forms 6i to Java Migration”

  1. Jose Suarez says:

    Hello I'm interested to convert some forms & and reports 6i to Java. Let me know. Regards.

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