VisionX 1.2 Preview

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VisionX 1.2 is planned for Q4/2013, but we'll show you some really cool features of the upcoming version. The current dev version is stable and we have a list of amazing productivity features.

  • An awesome feature is Undo/Redo for UI operations.

    This is a must for great UI design tools.

  • Xls Reporting is another key feature

    Simply create real XLS reports in seconds.

  • Xml Reporting is relevant for M2M communication and is included in VisionX
  • New Form validation support

    Create Forms and validate results with few mouse clicks.

  • Offline data gathering

    Create a XLS or XML report, add records to the created report and import the changed report into your application. This feature is amazing!

  • Liferay Portlet deployment

    Don't waste your time for portlet creation. Use VisionX and create a complete liferay portlet web application archive in seconds. Everything is pre-configured and ready-to-use. Let yourself be surprised.

  • You want More?

    Something like Mobile support and our new Vaadin UI... maybe in the next preview :)

Some impressions

Form validation

Form validation

XLS reporting

XLS reporting

Import report

Import report

ALL Features are available in our Cloud preview. Check it out today!

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