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VisionX 2.2 Preview Release

The first preview release of VisionX 2.2 is available. The exact version number is 2.2.41.

It available as trial version or for our customers via download area.

The preview release contains updates of all dependent frameworks like JVx and vaadin UI.

Here's a list with more details:

  • Responsive web applications

    Window shutter web control

  • Browser navigation
  • Application styles
  • Support for embedded devices
  • Style definition with VisionX
    Style definition

    Style definition

  • New EPlug support
  • Custom Database connection strings (e.g. Oracle TNS entry)
    Custom DB URL

    Custom connection string

  • Live Template support for work-screens
  • XLSX reports instead of XLS
  • Ready for application monitoring
  • UI improvements
  • Ready for native Android client

Sure, we fixed some bugs and we also improved overall performance because of improvements in JVx. The most interesting thing is the support for embedded devices like RaspberryPi.

Have fun with VisionX :)