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News mix

The next release of JVx is coming!

It'll be version 2.2. We have 2 open tickets for this release but both are refactoring tasks, nothing too important. We're already feature complete.

It'll be an awesome release because we have a lot of performance improvements and some really cool features like lazy loading of BLOBs (binary content). The server implementation is now IoT ready and it's pluggable. Support for Lambda expressions with full backwards compatibility for our listener handling. And we have support for application monitoring, style definitions, streamed upload of large files, and much more.

We plan the release for the end of this week.

Our VaadinUI was based on vaadin 7.1.15 and 7.4 was released some days ago. We're happy to announce support for vaadin 7.4.

The repository of JVx' vaadin UI already contains 7.4 libraries and everything is available for you. We don't have an official release right now, because we do some tests and afterwards we'll release a new version of our UI. We don't have a date for you but hopefully in March.

We currently don't use the new Grid component, but we'll replace the current table implementation asap.

The last information is about the next release of VisionX 2.2 preview. It will contain JV' vaadin UI for vaadin 7.4 and some new features like exporting an application for embedded devices (run the application on embedded devices like Raspberry Pi, without application server - "Micro applications").

Oh, finally... Check our github page, because we have new projects for you.