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JavaFX: Styled stage and MDI system

I'm happy to show you a first screenshot of our new Stage style and our MDI system:

Scene styling and MDI

Scene style and MDI

Compared to the standard stage:

Standard scene and MDI

Standard scene and MDI

Sure, the default stage is OK, but if you want to style the whole application, it won't work with standard stage. If you want a unique style, you need a custom solution. Our style is part of our JavaFX UI for JVx and already available in our repository at sourceforge.

The MDI system is already stable. It can be styled via css and works similar to JDesktopPane and JInternalFrame of Swing. Most problems were solved and we use the implementation in our dev projects.

2 Responses to “JavaFX: Styled stage and MDI system”

  1. Wellington says:

    I liked your MDI interface.
    Can you share with me?

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