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JVx with Java6

JVx was based on Java5 and all releases, including 2.1, were built with JDK 1.5. We thought it could be the time for a change and Java5 is not popular nowadays. With JVx 2.2 we'll switch to Java6. It wasn't important for us because JVx has no specifics that need Java6, but some 3rd party libs like RESTlet need Java6. The client-side code of JVx will probably work with Java5 but we'll build our releases with target 1.6.

We made an update to RESTlet 2.2.3 because of some useful changes and also for the side-project So we had to switch to Java6 as well. Our repository is already based on Java6 and we started migration of dependent projects and build tasks.

Because of some changes in DBAccess regarding DataSource support, it was also a good idea to use new JDBC drivers and most new drivers are not available for Java5. So we hope you understand why Java6 was a good idea.

The current nightly build was created with Java6. Give it a try.