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JavaFX UI and VisionX

We've good news for you. Since our JavaFX UI has reached version 1.0, we thought it might be a good idea to integrate the UI into VisionX. It wasn't that easy because JavaFX needs Java8 and VisionX runs with Java7. It wasn't enough to switch the JVM because VisionX had Eclipse JDT under the hood and the used version wasn't Java8 ready and also some other libraries had problems with Java8.

It was a lot of work to support JavaFX but now it's done. We have Java8 support in VisionX and all referenced projects were updated. We don't have a public version for you right now because the new features need some additional tests. But we're very happy with the current status. Our development version is very stable and all features are still working.

We have a short screencast for you:

JavaFX with VisionX

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