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reactUI API example

We have more reactUI documentation for you.

The documentation contains information about

  • API functions
  • Available hooks
  • Request types

There's also an example with documentation.

The example application itself demonstrates more useful features or our reactUI.

VisionX EA 5.8.5 is available

The current EA version of VisionX 5.8.5 is out.

We fixed a smaller bug. If you have a button beside an editor and move the editor, the layout was not as expected.
We also updated the new reactUI to the latest version.

The clear search button is now able to automatic search after clear, if enabled.

Have fun!

VisionX 5.7 is out

We're so happy to announce VisionX 5.7.11. We worked hard to finish everything in-time and we did it!

It's a big update with many new features and a first face-lift. A detailed blog post will follow in the next days.

Here are some highlights:

  • Filter master/detail with detail fields

    It's now possible to search in a detail table and show all master records which contain found records.

  • EDB support

    If you want to use specific EDB features and not only standard PostgreSql DB, it's now possible.

  • Function/Procedure support for PostreSql DB

    Simply call a db function or procedure directly.

  • Hide screens

    The menu configuration now shows a special group for hidden screens. Simply move a screen to this group to hide a screen.

  • Next generation UI

    The next generation web UI is ready to use.

  • Additional doc and video buttons

    The window title got two new buttons...

  • Themes for standard web UI

    It's now possible to use different styles for the standard web UI, in the configuration screen.

  • Solution Store is now our Marketplace
  • Updated AddOns: Cloud, Profiles, Workflow, REST
  • ... many bugs fixed

Because of important updates of Cloud AddOn, old VisionX installations with old Cloud AddOn won't work without update to VisionX 5.7.11 and new Cloud AddOn. So, if you use Cloud AddOn, update to VisionX 5.7.11.

As usual, VisionX 5.7.11 is available in the download area for our customers.
Have fun!

VisionX EA news

With our latest VisionX EA versions, we changed the style a little bit. It's still the good old VisionX, but with a modern touch.

Some impressions

VisionX start

VisionX start

Application list

Application list

Design area

Design area

Hide screens

Hide screens

What else is new?

Our latest EA version now supports commercial EDB JDBC driver. It's not bundled with VisionX, because of driver license, but if you are EDB customer, it's as simple as copy/paste, to use EDB JDBC driver. Sure, this is a developer feature.

Our brand new react UI is also available via npm. The example application already describes how to use reactUI as dependency.

The react UI is not a replacement of our current vaadin UI, it's a modern UI based on react. Using react is sometimes easier in case of customization or if you plan to integrate an application into existing portals. We have still many vaadin UI applications and users, so no worries. We'll keep it as long as possible.

What's next?

We plan to release our flutter app in Q3. It's a complete rewrite of the current app. It's super fast compared to the first version, has full layout support and is still open source.

VisionX EA 5.6.4660 is available

The current EA version of VisionX 5.6.4660 contains some smaller bugfixes and an update of the new reactUI.

As usual - available in the download area for our customers ;-)
Have fun!

VisionX EA 5.6.4652 is available

The current EA version of VisionX 5.6.4652 contains some bugfixes and improvements.

We polished the look and feel a little bit. Our new EA version comes with support for hidden screens. It's possible to define which screens are visible and which are hidden. The new EA version also contains latest reactUI which will be our next generation web application layer.

And as usual - bugfixes.

As usual - available in the download area for our customers ;-)
Have fun!

VisionX EA version 5.6.4510 is available

The current EA version of VisionX 5.6.4510 contains some bugfixes and improvements.

It contains latest reactUI.

As usual - available in the download area for our customers ;-)
Have fun!

Documentation update

We're happy to announce that a bunch of new documentation is online. New articles can be found in our documentation system.

Especially our Workflow engine and the REST services Add-on are explained in detail. But we also have all details about Audit Log, Scheduler, CSV Import and Query Editor.

We also have a new Getting started for VisionX.

More will come...

VisionX EA version 5.6.4100 is available

The current EA version of VisionX 5.6.4100 contains some bugfixes and improvements.

It contains latest reactUI.

As usual - available in the download area for our customers ;-)
Have fun!

JVx 2.8.5 - Statistics

JVx 2.8.5 is out and we have some Source Code statistics for you!

Our last statistics were determined for JVx 2.2. The source code grew by 50.012 lines, since 2.2. We now have 178.896 (JVx library, Swing UI, tests) compared to 128.884 in JVx 2.2. Still awesome if we compare the features of JVx with any other application framework!

Here are the actual numbers for you:

JVx library   Swing UI
LoC   Type
107.951   Code
86.032   Comments (~ 44% of Code)
28.282   Empty lines
222.265   Total
LoC   Type
41.544   Code
22.321   Comments (~ 35% of Code)
9.249   Empty lines
73.114   Total
JVx library (Test cases)  
LoC   Type
29.401   Code
14.620   Comments (~ 33% of Code)
9.649   Empty lines
53.670   Total

Some additional numbers:

Files and Tests
JVx library source files   825
Swing UI source files   148
Test source files   151
Total   1124
Still a small codebase ;) and still very easy to maintain. Here are more numbers, about testing:
Unit tests (no UI, without manual perf. tests)   1000
Class coverage (without UI)   73%
Method coverage (without UI)   62%
Our coverage is not as good as with 2.2 but still not bad.

TOP 10 classes

Classname   LoC
DBAccess 5.775
MemDataBook 4.712
JVxTable 2.704
ArrayUtil 2.613
DBStorage 2.237
StringUtil 2.230
Server 2.058
SimpleJavaSource 1.583
PostgreSQLDBAccess 1.495
DateUtil 1.468

This are interesting numbers because in JVx 2.2, MemDataBook was on 1st place. We now have more code for database support than before. The newcomers are SimpleJavaSource and PostgreSQLDBAccess.

We tried to reduce complexity of DBAccess and MemDataBook, but complex things are complex. This is why we develop JVx. It makes complex things, simple.