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Drag'n'Drop support for JavaFX' TabPane

We're currently working on our JavaFX UI for JVx. We're making good progress but sometimes, missing JavaFX functionality stops us, e.g. We need a Tab Pane with Drag and Drop support for Tabs. There's no support in current Java 8 versions :(

But Tom Schindl had the same requirement for his e(fx)clipse project. We thought that his implementation could be a simple solution for us as well!

But nothing is soo easy.

Our first problem was that we didn't need the whole project because it has "some dependencies" and consists of different jar files. So we thought that it would be a good idea to use only the relevant classes. Not so simple because of the license (EPL). The source code integration in our project wasn't possible, because we're Apache 2.0 licensed. But it was allowed to use some classes, create a new project with EPL and add the library to our project (thanks Tom for sharing your thoughts with us).
The result is our javafx.DndTabPane project, hosted on github.

The implementation of Tom worked great, but we had some extra requirements for our API:

  • Don't drag disabled tabs
  • It should be possible to disable dragging
  • Event if dragging

Sure, we made some smaller changes to allow customization.

In addition to Drag and Drop support, we found two problems with standard TabPane: RT-40149 and RT-40150.

We have one workaround and one dirty fix for the problems in our UI implementation: RT-40149 and RT-40150. (Not proud of it, but works)

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